Candy Coated Countdown | Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar 2014

It may seem a little odd that I am uploading a post about an Advent Calendar in January, but with it being full of Benefit goodies I didn’t think you would mind too much! At the end of 2013, when I had read so many blogs about all of the different beauty Advent Calendars that were available for the Christmas countdown, I swore to myself I would get one for 2014. I forgot and it was too late before I remembered. The likes of Ciate, The Body Shop, Yankee Candle and Benefit had sold out EVERYWHERE.
I was sad devastated that I had missed out again and mentioned my upset to my husband, Tommy, quite regularly. So regularly, that he took it upon himself to scout one out on eBay, (some savvy shoppers had bought in bulk and sold for more than the RRP) and he bought one for me as an early Christmas present. A round of applause for Tommy! He didn’t tell me he had found one, so when it arrived I was gobsmacked and over the moon, I couldn’t stop looking at it and I didn’t want to open any of the doors, (although I didn’t hold off for very long!).
What was inside?
Day 1: Heart Shaped Paperclips
Day 2: Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (A-Lister)
Day 3: They’re Real Mascara
Day 4: Stay Don’t Stray
Day 5: It’s Potent Eye Cream
Day 6: POREfessional
Day 7: Silvery Hair Tie
Day 8: Beauty Sticky Notes
Day 9: Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (Dandelion)
Day 10: Stay Flawless Primer
Day 11: Benetint
Day 12: Total Moisture Facial Cream
Day 13: Posietint
Day 14: Elastic Hair Band with Rose Gold Bow Charm
Day 15: Ooh La Lift
Day 16: Highbeam
Day 17: Doodle Pad
Day 18: That Gal
Day 19: Polka Dot Hair Tie
Day 20: Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (Fauxmance)
Day 21: Watt’s Up
Day 22: BADgal Lash
Day 23: Chachatint
Day 24: Fakeup
Total Worth Value = £116.04 (excluding 6 beauty accessories)
All in all I was really happy with the products included. I love Benefit as a brand so I knew there wasn’t going to be anything in there that I would hate or didn’t want to try. I was a tad shocked at how many non-beauty items there were; paperclips, notepads and hair bobbles. Of course these things are always handy but I would have much preferred a mini of the Hoola Bronzer or a blush! For me, that is what the calendar was lacking. As you can see from the list of products, Benefit focused this year on the lip glosses, cream/liquid face products and a little skincare, rather than any of the blushes, cream eyeshadows or lipsticks.
Nevertheless, having tiny sizes of all of the above is really handy for travelling or trying out something I haven’t before rather than wasting money on the full size and not liking it. I have put the products in Italics that I have used before, so as you can see there are a lot of new things for me to have a play with. I am quite a fan of Benefit skincare, maybe not to the extent where I would use it solely over other brands but I have tried a couple of moisturisers and a cleanser and toner from them and they were quite nice products, they a have lovely, fresh scent and feel quite luxurious.
I would definitely invest in a beauty Advent Calendar again, they are fun to have to open in the mornings and include lots of nice bits and bobs to try out!
If you would like me to review any of the above products in more detail, please let me know in the comments!


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