Nice to meet you!

Excuse me, is there room for me here? Do you mind if I just squeeze through?
This is the first post that I will write on this blog which will join thousands of other ‘first posts’ written by thousands of other people from the blogging community. Is there room for another? How will my first post be different? Will it stand out? Probably not… what can I tell you in this first post that you won’t be expecting? My name is Amy, I am 23 and I have started a blog.
First prize for originality? I didn’t think so. All I can do is hope that you continue to read, that you find some of what I have to say the slightest bit interesting and perhaps this could be really exciting.
P.s my initials are A.L.F and my nickname is Alfie, so when I sign off a post as ‘ALF’ that is why!


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