New Year, New Outlook

The Christmas decorations are down, chocolate can still be found in almost every kitchen cupboard, crackers have been pulled and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ has been sung. It’s 2015! Where did the last 12 months go? Although New Year doesn’t mean quite as much to me as it once did, it is still a time that I can reflect on the past year and write a list of resolutions that I have no intention of keeping.
2014 was probably the busiest, hardest but most amazing year of my life so far. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I can definitely say I would go back and make a few changes but that probably just makes me human. I learned a lot about myself, the people around me and life in general. I think I grew up a little, by way of trying to understand what really is important and certainly at the end of the year, focusing on what matters.
To begin 2015 positively, having clear ideas of what I want to achieve this year I am going to embark on three different personal projects to help stay focused, happy and aware of those things that matter the most!

1. Gratitude Jar
Throughout the year I am going to make little notes of things that make me smile or that I am grateful for and then pop them into a jar. Then, when it comes to next January I will have lots of lovely memories to look back on and remember.
2. One Line a Day Diary
Before Christmas, every time I went into a Waterstones I was tempted to buy one of these diaries and I finally gave in. The idea is that each day, you write one line about that day and continue to do so for the rest of the year, for 5 years. The diary itself is beautiful and a great idea for those who are rubbish at keeping diaries or journals, as it only requires one sentence a day!
3. Project Life
Now this is probably the thing that I am most excited about! I saw Lily Pebbles mention Project Life and I was fascinated. I drove that night to the nearest Hobbycraft (30 minutes away!) and stocked up on bits and bobs from the range. You buy a ring binder, inserts and then any cute cards or accessories you fancy. It is essentially a scrapbook ‘program’ if you will, as it provides you with everything you need to make a lovely little record of photographs and memories – just without any of the cutting and sticking! I am going to section mine into months, and will keep you updated!
Let’s make this a year to remember…


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