In January I wrote one of my favourite blog posts to date. ’18 Things I Don’t Want To Happen in 2018’ went down a treat with you all and I bloody loved writing it. I regained my confidence where blogging was concerned and I had every faith in myself that I was going to post at least twice a week. Then we got pregnant. 

We started trying for a baby in December and hadn’t really expected it to happen so quickly. I have made a couple of videos going into more detail which you can watch here if you fancy a gander! The last time I posted, I was 2 months pregnant, only eating toast and ginger nuts and spending most of the day, well, horizontally. Not really the ideal situation when you have been given a deadline from one of the biggest brands you’ve ever worked with, (see that post here)  but hey, ‘pregnancy isn’t an illness!, as I have been reminded too many times! 

Anyway, here we are, many months later and I am sheepishly whispering, “Hi it’s me, I want to write more content for my website, please read it’. A lot to ask when I have been MIA for just a bit too long. Is growing a baby a good enough excuse? It has been busy and exhausting and exciting all at the same time. I obviously expect this to times by ten in October, when little boy is due. 

As I am writing this, we have had a DOWNPOUR of rain after what has felt like weeks of me dodging the sun like a vampire. Apart from the heat, (I owe a lot to the person who invented the fan) we are doing just fine. Baby is growing how he should be, I am eating a little more throughout the day than I usually would and Tommy is getting used to my hormonal meltdowns! The last one was about a carton of egg whites. Best not to ask. I have popped an update video up on YouTube which goes into a bit more detail about what’s been going on. Think gallstones, holidays and a new garden. 

In between painting the nursery and becoming best friends with my Next delivery driver, I am planning content and trying to upload more on every platform as much as I can. It has been almost 24 hours since my last toasted teacake so I’m off to devour one. I will see you very soon, I promise. Until then here are those videos I was talking about.

It’s only Wednesday, go and smash the rest of the week and perhaps by the end of it we can reconvene and see how well I have done at my end!


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