Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

For a long time, I didn’t hear Charlotte Tilbury’s name mentioned in a sentence unless it was alongside the words, ‘Magic Cream‘. It was widely marketed when the product launched, as the perfect product that once you had it, you would never need to use another moisturiser again. Charlotte Tilbury is a highly popular and successful makeup artist, having worked on many famous faces. When she first launched her makeup brand, she gave many a press interview which focused around her ‘Magic Cream’ – it was set to be the brands show stopper. Charlotte’s inspiration for the product came from all the years she had spent backstage, working in makeup and needing a product such as the ‘Magic Cream’ to use on her clients or models. Apparently, Charlotte took a concoction of different things and made up her own pot of product which she could use. Obviously, when she launched her own line she would introduce this into the mix. I received a little tester pot of the Night Cream to try and thought I would share my thoughts with you all.

The packaging of the Charlotte Tilbury brand is beautiful, and the skincare is no exception. The pot of ‘Magic Night Rescue Cream’ I am currently working my way through is a mini pot which came in my advent calendar last Christmas, (you can read my post about the advent calendar here). The full size retails at £100 so as you can imagine, I had high hopes for this little magic pot of cream! Now, reading the list of ingredients and the marketing spiel that comes with the product, you would be sold. It sounds like a miracle. It is infused with Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract which helps firm the skin and keep it looking youthful, as well as Time-Released Retinol which boosts the rejuvenation of skin cells and increases collagen so skin looks younger and more radiant.

As I have the travel size version, the first time I used it was when I went to Brighton a few months ago. Some of the girls I went with had tried the original Magic Cream before and seemed nonplussed by it which I was surprised to hear. The texture of the cream was not at all what I was expecting, it was more of a balm than a cream, nothing like I had ever used as a moisturiser before. The balm is quite thick in consistency, which to me indicates that it is going to be quite a heavy duty, overnight moisturiser, which is what I like. At night time, I like to invest in products that are going to transform my skin whilst I am sleeping. It doesn’t so much as sink into the skin, rather than sit comfortably on top. If you don’t like moisturisers that you can feel on your skin this one won’t be for you, it also sticks to the pillow case! The texture is a little sticky, but bearable. There is no overwhelming scent, although it definitely has a slight fragrance which isn’t so pleasant. I guess it depends how much scents bother you, it isn’t so bad that it would stop me from using it, but also doesn’t make me want to run out and buy another pot. Fragrance aside, does the product work?

For £100, I expect something to work miracles when it comes to skincare. The first few days I used the Magic Night Cream I wasn’t blown away. My skin definitely looked clearer, felt softer and plumper, as Charlotte said it would. It didn’t work any miracles though. This week I am on holiday in Kefalonia and I have brought the Magic Night Cream with me. I hoped that with it being a thicker moisturiser,  after being in the sun all day it would be just what my skin needed. When I am on holiday I keep most of my skincare in the fridge. Not only does it prevent them from melting in the heat but they also feel so lovely going on cold when you are in a hot country! I am so glad I bought it away with me because I have enjoyed it so much more, using it when my skin really needs hydration and some looking after. I burnt my face the first day we were here, just around my nose and on my top lip, because I have a cold and kept blowing my nose but not reapplying sun cream! The Magic Cream has helped soothe where I burnt!

Will I be buying this cream for the rest of my life? No. Would I buy it at full price? No. However, if I got the chance to use it again, as part of a free gift or a present off somebody I wouldn’t turn it down. If you have the budget for the Magic Night Cream, I don’t think you would be disappointed, but I wasn’t impressed enough to warrant spending so much money on a product. It definitely does what it claims, but for me I just can’t get past the price tag. I think if I used it for longer, I would see more benefits but right now, it isn’t something I feel the need to invest in.

Have you tried anything from the Magic Cream range by Charlotte Tilbury? What were your thoughts?



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