1. Used the torch on your phone for lighting suitable for blog pictures at an event?
  2. Tried to sit and be really cool when somewhere offers Wifi but you don’t know the password? Who do you ask? How much time do you sit there before you ask?
  3. Rolled your eyes at the ‘proper job’ question?
  4. Wondered how many follow for follow requests you can take before you REALLY lose your rag?
  5. Felt like a very small fish in a very big pond?
  6. Had a post sat in your drafts for months on end only to delete it?
  7. Been amazed at how some people have the time to take such beautiful, award worthy photos when you’ve never even taken your camera off AUTO mode?
  8. Not allowed the person you are with to tuck in before you’ve got the perfect brunch flatlay shot?
  9. Visited somewhere purely with the hope of getting a good Instagram?
  10. Lost a memory card or two?

Please tell me I am not the only one…


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