Solid Brush Cleansers: Affordable VS High End

If you own makeup brushes, you need to clean them. No ifs, no buts. I have a few different ways that I like to clean my brushes and one of them in particular is with a solid brush cleanser. I didn’t own one of these until I bought my Beauty Blender, as it came with a mini solid cleanser, (you can buy the Beauty Blender with mini cleanser here, it is a bargain at just £18!). It wasn’t something I ever thought I needed, but kept hearing how good solid cleansers were for washing brushes and I must admit, I love them.

The Beauty Blender solid cleanser is as I said, the first one I had ever tried and it is honestly, the only thing that I feel thoroughly cleans my Beauty Blender. When I use shampoo, like I do with most of my makeup brushes, it doesn’t come up as clean as when I use the solid cleanser. I just swirl my Beauty Blender on the top of the soap, rinse and it is completely clean. If I have any ‘harder to clean’ brushes, like my Sigma Flat Kabuki or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, (two of my favourites) I use this solid cleanser as it works a treat each time. The Beauty Blender solid cleanser costs £14, which I do think it is worth. However, I have hunted down a more affordable option for you that I think works rather nicely too.

Amy Farquhar Solid Brush Cleanser

I picked up the ‘Soap Star’ Solid Brush Cleanser from Lottie London on a trip to Superdrug quite a while ago. I have been putting it to the test and for £6.99 would say it is a good dupe for the Beauty Blender cleanser. It comes in the same plastic style pot, although is a little bit smaller so not as easy to clean bigger brushes. I feel like you need to use a little bit more of the Lottie London one to get a good lather, but it works really well at cleaning both brushes and sponges. As always, for eye and lip brushes I stick to using my oil based eye makeup remover, but for everything else, either of these do the job. One thing I actually prefer about the Lottie London cleanser, as well as the lower price, as that it comes with a little mesh cushion which sits underneath the soap, soaking up any excess water.

Amy Farquhar Solid Brush Cleanser

I definitely wouldn’t say a solid brush cleanser is a necessity, but if you are wanting to try one then I highly recommend either of these. I do favour the one from Beauty Blender a little more, just because I think it is more of the real deal, but coming in at almost half the price, the Lottie London one works very well indeed.

Have you tried any solid brush cleansers that you would recommend?



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