It is time to get my blog on. Again. I have missed this, although sometimes I feel as though I never really started. I’ve missed making videos, taking pictures and sharing content. I have missed the writing, oh boy I’ve missed the writing. Truth is, I’ve dipped a bit. I feel as though I have taken two steps back.

I have never, ever, acted like someone else or hidden any aspect of my personality or life from you since I started my blog. There is no need to start now. I haven’t been present on here or on YouTube in a little while because I simply haven’t felt like it. One of the last videos I posted, I got a comment about the lack of personality I have or had shown in that video. As much as that hurt and as much as it was lovely of so many of you to jump to my defence, in that video I don’t seem myself. (But I can assure you I don’t lack personality!).

It has taken me a long time to realise and admit to myself, that this past year and a half has been hard. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for some of the things we face on a day to day basis. I came off my medication for depression. I had surgery. We lost Grandad. All of these milestones are then surrounded by daily happenings which make life what it is. Sometimes it can get tough. I told myself when I stopped taking the medication that I would be able to focus on myself and fight off the depression and social anxiety. It doesn’t work like that. I let myself foolishly believe that losing Grandad wouldn’t be as hard as it could have been, as we had lost so much of him already. It doesn’t work like that either.

We need to give ourselves more time to heal – to recognise when we need to take a step back. (Granted, my version of taking a step back tends to look like disappearing off the face of the earth). But, slowing down now and again is important. This year has taken its toll. I was charging full speed ahead without being able to recognise that I haven’t been coping.

I am making little changes here and there to build myself up again and try and put some pieces back together. In the meantime, I think it is about time I get my act together with my blog and YouTube channel. I started both at a time when I was in a very dark place. If I can’t utilise that and turn it into something positive at this moment in time, when I am in need of a bit of a reboot, when will I?

What I can tell you, is that whilst I have been MIA I have had plenty of time to think about which direction I want my blog & channel to head and what kind of content to create. It’s time to switch things up a little bit. You can still expect the usual hauls and vlogs. I know I need to create more content based around my weight loss surgery. As I have grown in body confidence the past few months, I am going to up the fashion content too.

I now have a shop on my blog, which you can find here or by clicking the ‘Shop’ tab at the top of any page. This will be a space where I can share with you all items I have recently bought, or that I have my eye on. I want it to be somewhere you can find inspiration and have fun browsing. I’ve loved creating the page and adding the different bits to it. I want to introduce more interior and homeware content. Our home is well on its way to being where we want it to be. I want to share more snippets of it with you all.

Last but not least, I want to address bigger and more important issues. We all have our own stories, with their flaws, regrets, lessons as well as joy and laughter. I have never wanted my content to solely focus on that of beauty and fashion. It’s time to let it grow up a little and start talking about things that really matter. Topics which will make more of a difference.

Life is a funny old thing. You never know what it’s going to throw at you or which way you are going to be pulled. I’m still trying to figure it all out. For now, I’m going to focus on getting my happy back, enjoying my space on the Internet whilst I do. Thank you for sticking around – you’re a wonderful bunch.

>> If you fancy catching up on where I’ve been, you can watch here <<


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