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My goodness me it’s almost May. MAY. Summer will be here before we know it – here’s hoping. The prospect of having a tan which doesn’t come from a bottle! Beer gardens, dog walks that don’t end in a bath each time, (me as well as the dogs) and strawberries are in season. I love the colder months, but I’m so ready for some sunshine around about now. With all of the above come thoughts about getting my legs out, having to shave said legs & 894 other beach body not ready hang ups.

Topshop have launched a jaw dropping number of dresses for Spring/Summer 17. Think something for everyone. Twice over. Or if you are anything like me, you’ll already have 6 in your basket. First step of diminishing summer body hang ups? Shimmy yourself into a pretty dress. This little number stood out to me at first because it isn’t too short AND covers the bits of my arms I don’t like. Add lace and the fact that it was under £40 – we have ourselves a winner. The detail is intricate and feminine which stands out beautifully with it being white. I do believe I have found the perfect Summer dress!

I paired it with black espadrille sandals which will go with anything. Staple buy of the summer – check. Never did I think I would ever wear a straw hat but as it turns out, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone! I love the rustic, laid back feel the hat and sandals give the look. I might not wear anything else all Summer!


Images shot by my incredibly talented sister-in-law, Hannah Farquhar

The items in this post were gifted to me from Topshop, but they were chosen by me because I wholeheartedly adore them.



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