A babymoon. How quaint. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? It’s essentially a glorified term for ‘OH MY GOODNESS BEST GO ON ONE LAST HOLIDAY BEFORE OUR LIVES CHANGE FOREVER AND WE ARE UP TO OUR EYEBALLS IN NAPPIES’. So we booked one. Tommy & I went to Mykonos when I was 21 weeks pregnant. I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility that it wouldn’t quite be the same experience, as you know, I’d be quite pregnant. I had packed two maternity swimming costumes, a packet of custard creams, (number one craving at that time), factor 50 suncream and cute little outfits that fit my then, tiny but growing bump.

The flight there was fine, when we arrived we were tired but it was late so we had a jolly good kip. The next day I woke up like they do in the movies, tore open the curtains and had a nice big stretch, feeling all smug about the prospect of pastries for breakfast.

A tummy full of croissants and fresh orange juice, I popped back to the room for a quick shower & shave to make sure nothing was gonna be poking through my swimming costume. Not a look I like to go for. Only went and shaved a blood spot which had established itself ‘down there’ during the second trimester didn’t I? My least favourite pregnancy symptom. Didn’t realise, ruined a towel and had MAJOR WORRIES about wearing my white cossie, I cried like a baby. The bleeding would not stop – cue 2 hours sat in the hotel room feeling sorry for myself. I then got up, decided enough was enough, tucked a bit of tissue where it was needed and carefully walked to the pool.

You’d think Factor 50 would be enough to prevent severe burning of the skin wouldn’t you? Given that I hadn’t been in the pool & reapplied like a paranoid maniac every 20 minutes or so. An hour in the sun and I was the colour of a lobster. I was really feeling sorry for myself by this point! However, first day out of the way I decided to tackle the rest of the holiday with a bit of a brave face. Yes, I did have to spend 3 days in the hotel ┬ároom because man was I burnt. There was no after sun or aloe vera product to be found on that island by the time we had left. Thank the heavens for room service and a very patient husband!

After the first half of the ‘babymoon’, it was all about the swollen feet and a few tender patches of skin that felt hotter than the surface of the sun. BUT, we laughed. We ate all the carbs, played board games and I finished a couple of books. Being with Tommy was what it was really all about and although I wouldn’t say we came home feeling rested – the snuggles and chats we had, just the two of us, were well worth it. Lots of decisions were made about which pram to buy and what his name may be and it turned out to be bloody lovely. I even got a few, all important, ‘pregnant but feeling sassy’ Instagram worthy pictures too! Silver linings, hey?


Here are a few things you should know before you book your babymoon. Thank me later!


  1. You will burn to a crisp within 3 minutes.
  2. Your legs and feet could swell so much you don’t even recognise them.
  3. You will want all of the food they won’t have.
  4. Blood spots, vaginal varicose veins, whatever you want to call them will burst on the beautiful, fresh, white hotel towels.
  6. Research your insect repellents – they aren’t all safe during pregnancy.
  7. Frumpy maternity swimming costumes are everywhere. If you want something sassier that will make you feel glorious head straight to ASOS.
  8. Pack for all eventualities.
  9. Learn what public transport is available to you before you head out for the evening. Long walks are not a good idea in the heat. 15 minutes into our first ‘stroll’ into Mykonos town and my shoes didn’t fit my feet.
  10. It is a holiday. No matter how tough it gets, how frustrating it is you can’t quite do what you normally would, try to relax. You are growing a tiny human. Allow yourself a bad day and try to enjoy that Vitamin C whilst you can!

OH – and buy flight socks! Not sexy but they work!

Can any of you relate to any of this at all? Please tell me you have been there, done that!

>>There are more pictures of our trip over on my Instagram <<


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