Instagram. The number one thing I love to hate. I won’t pipe on about shitty algorithms or lack of engagement because this post is a positive one. Today I’m gonna talk about the gals who still make me want to open Instagram and spend 20 minutes scrolling through their feeds. These 9 Instagram accounts are my top ones to follow atm. Here’s who and why.

P.s this post is going to be beasty & jam packed with images but it will be worth it. Promise.


Now this little lady has recently announced she is expecting a bubba, (congrats Al!). So not only are cute posts about lil squishes enough reason to follow, but she has a wonderful way of combining blogging and real life which makes her super relatable. Her presence on Twitter is quite something too. She is passionate AND a woman who supports others and which are not always easy to find in this industry. She captures the essence of her day or how she is feeling beautifully, but most of all, she keeps it real.
Alice Spake Instagram


Callie’s Instagram stories are my fave. Welsh, bubbly and hilarious makes the perfect combo for someone you wanna watch. Callie is hitting this industry full steam ahead. My favourite thing about her are her values and morals. Yes, she is beautiful, produces great content and imagery but she is inspirational. Callie is a breath of fresh air and so uplifting. The epitome of girl power, this one.
Callie Thorpe Instagram


This girl has got sass. Her ability to put outfits together and then take poppin’ photos of them never fails to amaze me. Every time Bex posts I think, ‘she’s done it again!’. She works hard and it shows. Bex inspires me to play around with clothing and style which is often something I need. This lil Scot knows how to rock a bright lip too.
Bex Robb Instagram


Let me introduce you to the Queen of all enablers. There aren’t many blogs that I read religiously, but this girls blog is one I ALWAYS read. She is fabulous. Hannah is the girl next door, the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She is SO relatable and I love that about her. She doesn’t faff about, her content is bloody amazing. Her Insta is no exception, think colour, a beaming smile and a gorge sense of style.

Hannah Gale Instagram


I have followed Mollie’s blog & Insta for a while now and I love it. Her fashion picks are always top notch and I will never tire of her shoe selfies. Her photography skills are incredible – she has a real eye for capturing beauty (see her portfolio). She loves Mini Eggs just as much as me and her dogs are adorable. A lovely gal with a spectacular talent for spotting the top picks in Zara.
Mollie Manning Instagram


I think I was probably 5 seconds in to one of Emma’s YT videos before I hit subscribe. You know when you find people on the internet and think, we could be friends? A Newcastle beauty with THE most aesthetically pleasing style I have ever seen. She doesn’t know how good she is, which makes her even more likeable. Whether it is style, decor or photography – she gets it right every single time. Another down to earth girl who knows how to take jaw dropping photos.
Emma Griffy Instagram


If you want someone who will make you smile as well as inspire your fashion choices then Yuliya is your girl. I met this beauty at a blog event last year and she is quite possibly the nicest person I have ever met. Always smiling and always rocking the dreamiest of outfits. She oozes confidence and LOVES what she does, which is very refreshing.Yukova Fashion Instagram


One of my more recent finds but I am very happy I did. This lady takes beautiful photos and her Insta is oh so easy on the eye. Nobody knows how to spot an Insta worthy door like this one. Anna inspires me to go out and see places. Her get up and go is contagious! Her personality comes through in every picture and for me, that is the making of a wonderful Instagram.
Anna Ricketts Instagram


It is only recently I have had the courage to find some sense of personal style and a lot of it has to do with this woman. I have never seen anyone wear an outfit with such confidence. Megan’s style is edgy, feminine, cool and vintage inspired all at the same time. She puts outfits together like nobody else & makes it seem reachable. For me, sometimes fashion gets so ‘out there’ that I feel I will never be ‘fashionable’. Megan makes a sense style to be something we can all find and have. Oh and she’s a fellow Northerner.
Megan Ellaby Instagram

Now, go follow them all and thank me later.
You can find me over at instagram.com/amylfarquhar

Photo credits obviously go to the Instagram account named above the images.



  1. May 2, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    aww bless – thank you so much for this it means a lot! Also, you should know that you are such an inspiration to me too 🙂


  2. May 3, 2017 / 7:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing these Insta creative accounts!!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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