About Amy FarquharHello! Thank you for stopping by! No matter how many different ways I tried to say that, I sounded a million different kinds of silly so I’m gonna stick with what you’ve just read.

I’m Amy, I’m 25 and I live in the North West of England. Not many people can pronounce my second name, so I’m gonna spell it how you say it for you. It’s FARK-WER. But a short WER, not FARK-YOU-HAR, or FARK-UEE-AR. Just Farquhar. I married Tommy in 2014 and have been spelling my surname ever since.

We have lived in a few different parts of the UK, I went to University in Liverpool but we have now settled, (for at least a little while!) about¬†15 minutes outside of Blackpool. Think a sunny, seaside town without the sun. Our family are up here and for the time being, it’s home. I should probably mention that we have 3 little dogs too – Yvie, Jasper and Tinks. They are scrumptious and we love them a ridiculous amount!

Before I go any more autobiographical on you, let me tell you a bit about my blog. At the end of 2014 I launched amyfarquhar.com and a couple of months later started a YouTube channel. SO UNIQUE I KNOW. At the time, I was finding it hard to develop an interest in anything. I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and reading blogs and watching videos about makeup and people’s lives became my full time hobby. It was the perfect way for me to escape and it developed into a passion. Hence, the beginnings of amyfarquhar.com.

In 2015 I trained alongside Pixiwoo, in makeup Рobviously. That gave me so much more of an understanding for the industry and confirmed to me that this is the industry I want to be in. I write about style, interiors, beauty and life in general. I have worked with amazing brands and met the most wonderful people. Everything I do, I give my very best shot. With every bit of content I create, I try to improve each time. My confidence is growing and with that, my determination. I hope you enjoy anything of mine you may read or watch as much as I enjoy putting it together.


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